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Strategic Internet Management

Online Strategy Consultant

Understand that the internet world has seen fads come and go, from the dot com boom, to easy search engine optimization, and now social media. However, just because they are a fad, does not mean your company should avoid going after your share of the pie. Companies are under constant pressure to make money, while balancing a media world that can find them on every corner. Social Media and internet marketing means your brand is carried across thousands of channels 24/7/365, are you sure your message is being communicated clearly?

Media is certainly different than it once was; now instead of the 24 hour news cycle, news happens in real time. But what has happened to the role of reporters? Reports have changed, now everyone is an investigative reporter; armed with an iPhone and a blog, they can help or cripple any business.

Bad service at your local coffee stand?
Tweet about it, perhaps you will get your money back.
Have a great all inclusive cruise?
Post a picture of you on Facebook, your friends will book the same ship.
The best TV show ever?
Share clips on your blog or YouTube.

If your company is not watching your online presence, you may not know about an issue until it is too late.

Finding an Online Strategy Consultant to establish your game plan for success is the first stage in winning the battle. You need someone in your corner, who has the responsibility to monitor your business presence online, ensuring you are as well represented online as you are in the real world.

Your Internet Strategy Plan can take on many forms:

  • Website design and development
  • Social media management – Facebook, Twitter, Digg, YouTube, etc
  • Email marketing
  • Pay-per-click campaigns
  • Organic search engine optimization
  • Competition analysis & evaluation
  • Strategic software development – iPhone applications, flash games, custom widgets

The most important part of any successful online strategy plan is the trust based in who is forming your plan. Just because Jim in accounting has his own Facebook page, and can Tweet about what he had for lunch does not make him a strategy consultant. You may trust Jim, but with your online presence hanging in the balance, you may want someone with more experience.

The desire to trust the person building your plan is why I offer a free initial consultation, this allows us to get to know one another, and formulate an understanding of our immediate and long terms goals. Until we agree on where we want to go, building the trust to get there is an impossible task.

Contact me today now, today is another news cycle too late!